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Miami Beach AC Expert Miami Beach, FL 786-588-4086Think about it; you’re conscious of what you eat, make calculated lifestyle choices and take care to never miss out on a periodic physical exam to assess and improve your health. So, why don’t we treat everything else the same way? Most people sideline the importance of AC maintenance and only pay their air conditioners any attention when they stop working or show operational discrepancies. Why is it that we’re always ready to shell out an exorbitant sum over repairs? Why don’t we instead take proactive measures early on and spend a fraction of the sum over maintenance? If you want to make sure you don’t end up melting from the summer heat in Miami Beach, FL area because of a defunct air conditioner, then you need to do all that’s possible to keep it in trim condition. Start by callingMiami Beach AC Experton 786-588-4086! We provide customized AC maintenance plans for both residential and commercial clients and help keep your air conditioner in top condition.


The last thing you want is for your AC to bite dust in the middle of a hot afternoon despite paying up for maintenance. Maintenance when done right should prevent unnecessary repairs and extend the life of the air conditioner. Hire the wrong company and you’ll find yourself paying for shoddy maintenance work AND repairs.

Here’s how you should find the perfect maintenance partner:

  • Check flexibility:

A company that has a fixed plan and asks you to go for it is a company you should avoid. Not every property has the same AC maintenance needs, and fitting you into a template plan is a sure-shot sign that you’ll end up paying more than necessary. Find a company that customizes its plans for you.

  • Get the cost calculation done:

At the end of a 3-year maintenance contract, what if you realize that you’d ended up paying half of what it cost to buy the AC in the first place? An established AC service company will tell you upfront what it will cost you and how their plan is better money-wise.

  • Look for reviews:

Reviews say it all, so check what other customers have to say about the company. You can easily dig out complaints of late arrivals, missed deadlines, and sloppy work by spending some time researching the company online.

  • Experience:

Never sign up a contract with a newly-established agency or a firm with no field experience. You might find yourself a good deal, but no one can vouch for the quality of work they deliver. Always choose a company like Miami Beach AC Expert that has a solid reputation and over two decades of experience.

Our maintenance process:

Phase 1: Tune up:

With consistent use, your AC might be a little cranky. During the maintenance phase, we clean out the air filters, drain pipes, ducts and lubricate parts, if needed. We check for any operational issues, and fix them up as needed.

Phase 2: System rejuvenation

Over time, the functionality and efficiency of a few components may dwindle, and no amount of tune-ups could restore normal operation. That’s why, during each maintenance check our experts look for parts and components that are nearing expiration and replace it with new ones, thus rejuvenating the system.

Phase 3: Inspection

Once we’ve carried out the necessary repairs and tune-ups, we carry out a thorough inspection to measure the system’s performance. From testing the operation of the blower, to a safety inspection of the electrical components, we make sure the system is working in its prime before we consider the maintenance check done.

Hire an AC maintenance expert in Miami Beach, FL area now by calling 786-588-4086!